Where will your Skype moment take you?

Here at Moment Makers, we’re celebrating the ways you use Skype to do what you love most. Whether you’ve got a big idea on what we can create together, and ready to share a moment you’ve made with Skype, or just want to learn more, we want to hear from you. Ready? Let’s go!

We’re looking for people who love to share their passions over Skype—from trading fashion tips with friends to previewing that dance recital with grandma. There are three ways to get involved: apply to become a Star Moment Maker (someone who works with Skype to showcase their talents to the world), upload a moment you’ve made with Skype, or sign up for our newsletter.

Stars on the rise

Star Moment Makers collaborate with Skype to produce a co-created experience—one that can influence others … and totally change what they thought possible. So if you’ve got that extra sparkle, undeniable talent and a big idea on how to bring your passion to people everywhere, you could make a spectacular moment with Skype. Check out some examples below.

We brought together three writers, in three cities, to write a short script over Skype. See how this touching love story came together through a series of Skype group video calls.

Mike Corey, one of Skype’s Brand Ambassadors, is a breakdancer, divemaster, photographer and travel blogger who’s heading out on his biggest adventure yet. Check it out.

How Skype works

Seeing is believing. Catch up face to face or get a whole group together on a video call.

Stay in touch. Make free Skype to Skype calls or call mobiles and landlines home and abroad at low rates.

At your fingertips. You're always in the loop with instant messaging, voice messaging and sending texts.

Share your world. Send photos, videos and files of any size. Get that secret recipe off grandma in seconds.


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