A global meeting of creative minds (and cameras)

Our Photography Ambassador Chaucee is guiding local Moment Makers as they capture and share the unique beauty of their cities. They’ll be using Skype to stay in touch, swap photo tips and exchange their shots. Which city pics are the most picturesque? Vote for your favorites below.

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  • Fish & Chips

  • Category 6: Cuisine
    Winner: Guadalajara, Mexico

    Everyone enjoys a little indulgence and after a full day of shopping and hopping around East London, we took cover from the downpour with a hefty dish of fish an​d chips. “Cheat day” right? Moment Makers, your challenge is to photograph a dish that’s distinct to your city.

    – Chaucee

  • St. Paul's Cathedral

  • Category 5: History
    Winner: Guadalajara, Mexico

    London is filled with stories from eras past. I visited the St. Paul’s Cathedral as it sits at the highest point in London and is one of the most iconic destinations in the entire city. Moment Makers, your challenge is to capture a photo that speaks to your city’s history — whether that be a monument, building, or something else!

    – Chaucee

  • London from Waterloo Bridge

  • Category 4: Skylines
    Winner: Philadelphia, USA

    The best way to get the whole picture of the city is to see it from a bird’s eye view. I went to the Waterloo Bridge to capture some of my favorite sights in London: the Big Ben, Westminster Abby, and the London Eye. Moment Makers, your challenge is to show off your city in a beautiful skyline photo!

    – Chaucee

  • St. James's Park

  • Category 3: Parks
    Winner: Guadalajara, Mexico

    St. James’s Park is wonderful because while standing on the bridge you have a beautiful view of the Buckingham Palace one way, and the London Eye the opposite way! Parks are naturally beautiful and photogenic, so head to your favorite open space and show us why your park stands apart.

    – Chaucee

  • East London Jumpsuit

  • Category 2: Fashion
    Winner: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    East Londoners certainly have a distinct style. While there were plenty of fashionable people to choose from, I went with this young lady who is rocking one of the season’s top trends, the jumpsuit. Moment Makers, your challenge is to share the man or woman who embodies the style and the spirit of your city.

    – Chaucee

  • Afternoon Tea

  • Category 1: Culture
    Winner: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Having afternoon tea was at the top of my list from the beginning. It’s quintessentially British, and was the perfect mid-day break amidst our exploring adventure. Moment Makers, show me something that represents the unique culture of your city?

    – Chaucee

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