• Georgia Benjamin

    Passion for film

    Georgia is a young and budding independent filmmaker. She wants to use Skype to create and share films with her friends—and fans. Her next project? Making a film using just Skype video messages.

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  • Mike Corey

    Passion for travel

    Mike is a breakdancer and travel blogger who went on his biggest adventure yet on Rerouted: A Skype travel challenge. Check out a recap of his epic journey at skypererouted.com.

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  • Yulady Saluti

    Passion for sport

    Yulady, mom of six and cancer survivor, wants everyone to discover the healing powers of yoga. Using Skype, she aims to create a truly unique and memorable yoga experience.

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  • Chaucee Stillman

    Passion for photography

    Chaucee is a freelance photographer who sees everyday life as a creative journey. She’s excited to take her love of style, city life and culture to new heights with Skype. We can’t wait to see the results.

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  • Paris Permenter

    Passion for pets

    Author, radio host and dog devotee, Paris knows pets. Her love for furry friends is matched only by her desire to share what she’s learned — with the world. Skype is just the thing for Paris and pet-parents everywhere.

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  • Frank Bell

    Passion for music

    A classically-trained cellist and gifted singer/songwriter, Frank has an original sound that’s capturing international attention. With two albums under his belt and a hard-won fan-base, Frank and Skype have some exciting collaborations coming up. Stay tuned.​

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  • Lara Eurdolian

    Passion for beauty

    For Lara, beauty is serious business. Industry marketing guru and foundress of beauty blog prettyconnected.com, she’s appeared on The Today Show, in Elle Magazine, Lucky and The New York Times. She plans on using Skype to learn more about how beauty rituals differ across various cultures.

  • Tom Le Mesurier

    Passion for food

    A lifelong Englishman, Tom left Marmite and crumpets to set out for Latin America. In 2009 he found his calling, and the woman of his dreams, in Rio de Janeiro. Now he’s married to her, blogging about Brazil’s diverse culinary scene, and using Skype to share these expe­riences with his friends and family back home.

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