• Carrie Anne Philbin

    Passion for tech

    Carrie Anne is an award-winning IT teacher, tech blogger and YouTuber. Through her web series The Geek Gurl Diaries, she works to inspire the next generation of girls to “go geeky.” In her quest to change the status quo, this education pioneer uses Skype to collabo­rate with tech experts across the globe and to bring influential voices into her classroom.

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  • Chaucee Stillman

    Passion for photography

    Chaucee is a freelance photographer who sees everyday life as a creative journey. She’s excited to take her love of style, city life and culture to new heights with Skype. We can’t wait to see the results.

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  • Frank Bell

    Passion for music

    A classically-trained cellist and gifted singer/songwriter, Frank has an original sound that’s capturing international attention. With two albums under his belt and a hard-won fan-base, Frank and Skype have some exciting collaborations coming up. Stay tuned.​

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  • Georgia Benjamin

    Passion for film

    Georgia is a young and budding independent filmmaker. She wants to use Skype to create and share films with her friends—and fans. Her next project? Making a film using just Skype video messages.

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  • Harrison Barnes

    Passion for sports

    As a professional basketball player, Harrison Barnes lives for his fans and plans on using Skype to get to know them. He currently plays small forward for the Golden State Warriors (look for #40). Before going pro, Harrison played for the University of North Carolina. He accepted his offer to play for the Tar Heels over a Skype call.

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  • Jonathan London

    Passion for Sci-Fi

    As the founder of Geekscape.net, filmmaker, comic writer and podcast host, Jonathan’s interests span the sci-fi universe. Though he wears many hats, he always finds the time to keep fellow fans up to date on the latest in science fiction, fantasy and pop culture. Jonathan frequently uses Skype to get exclusive interviews with key industry players.

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  • Lara Eurdolian

    Passion for beauty

    For Lara, beauty is serious business. Industry marketing guru and foundress of beauty blog prettyconnected.com, she’s appeared on The Today Show, in Elle Magazine, Lucky and The New York Times. She plans on using Skype to learn more about how beauty rituals differ across various cultures.

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  • Lauren Berger

    Passion for innovation

    Lauren Berger is a born entrepreneur and innovator. After completing college and 15 internships, she founded InternQueen.com where students can apply to internships and learn how to make the most of their internship experience including advice on how to master a Skype interview. She is also the author of “All Work, No Pay” and “Welcome to the Real World”.

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  • Lynn Chen

    Passion for acting

    Lynn is a Hollywood actress and a fixture on the film festival circuit. In the often aesthetically-driven world of acting, she’s an avid body image activist who celebrates her love of eating on her blogs and podcasts. Using Skype, she has grown as an actress, podcaster and social activist.

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  • Mike Corey

    Passion for travel

    Mike is a breakdancer and travel blogger who went on his biggest adventure yet on Rerouted: A Skype travel challenge. Check out a recap of his epic journey at skypererouted.com.

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  • Paris Permenter

    Passion for pets

    Author, radio host and dog devotee, Paris knows pets. Her love for furry friends is matched only by her desire to share what she’s learned — with the world. Skype is just the thing for Paris and pet-parents everywhere.

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  • Shannon McClintock Miller

    Passion for education

    Skype has helped Shannon get both students and teachers excited about education. In addition to being a teacher and mother of three, she is also a librarian, blogger and technology integration specialist. As a longtime advocate of Skype in the Classroom, she helps fellow educators use Skype to collaborate and to turn classrooms into global experiences.

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  • Shini Park

    Passion for design

    Shini’s keen eye for design runs the gamut from architecture and gadgets to fashion and food. Through stunning photos from across the globe, her blog provides visitors with a daily source of artistic inspiration. She uses Skype to share her vision and stay in touch with loved ones.

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  • Sonya Esman

    Passion for fashion

    As a model, actress, and fashion blogger, Sonya has touched the hearts and wardrobes of fashionistas across the world. She first made it onto our radar after winning the Boyfriend Jeans Challenge. Up next: using Skype to share new looks on-the-fly and to help define the next generation of style.

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  • Tom Le Mesurier

    Passion for food

    A lifelong Englishman, Tom left Marmite and crumpets to set out for Latin America. In 2009 he found his calling, and the woman of his dreams, in Rio de Janeiro. Now he’s married to her, blogging about Brazil’s diverse culinary scene, and using Skype to share these expe­riences with his friends and family back home.

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  • Tyson Mayr

    Passion for social good

    Tyson traded in his suit and tie for a backpack and a map when he set off to see the world. Since then, he’s been trekking across the globe, helping charities do more for people in need. With the help of Skype, Tyson adds a new dimension to social good by allowing sponsors to see the results of the good they’re doing.

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  • Will Noonan

    Passion for comedy

    For this Boston-based comedian, comedy is no joke. In addition to live standup and appearing in television commercials, he also hosts the podcast “High Pathetically with Will Noonan” and keeps fans laughing 24/7 on social media. Stay tuned as he partners up with Skype to reach a whole new audience.

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  • Yulady Saluti

    Passion for yoga

    Yulady, mom of six and cancer survivor, wants everyone to discover the healing powers of yoga. Using Skype, she aims to create a truly unique and memorable yoga experience.

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  • Zach Wigal

    Passion for gaming

    Zach Wigal is a five-time Xbox MVP and TEDx speaker who’s using his passion for gaming to give back to others. At the age of 17, he founded the Gamers Outreach Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to provi­ding gaming consoles to children’s hospitals and troops overseas. On top of sharing his love of gaming with those in need, Zach is always using Skype to share new moves with fellow gamers.

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