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The Powys Association of Voluntary Organizations staff uses Skype video calling to discuss the impact photos have in social media.   ... Made by Claire Powell

Four besties celebrate their quirky sides in a group video call. ... Read blog entry > Made by Nuzhat

Lauren uses Skype to catch up with her friend Ethel in Melbourne from her home in London. ... Made by Lauren Griffin

Shannon McClintock Miller used video calling to bring students, teachers and libraries together for an app smashing session. ... Made by Shannon McClintock

A Skype call to share budget-savvy fashion advice ... View image > Made by Joanna

Classrooms cross continents ... View image > Made by Esther

Matt Gibson (who joined Skype at X Games Aspen) recently used Skype ... Watch video > Made by Matt

Joe West roared with laughter during a video call with Skype Comedy Ambassador Will Noonan. ... View image > Made by Joe

Skype Photography Ambassador Chaucee Stillman shared photos of from ... Read blog entry > Made by Chaucee

Years ago, as a single girl in New York City, Jun Song used Skype to ... Read blog entry > Made by Jun

Students and teachers (like those in Mrs. Ladd’s class) explored the world without ever leaving their classrooms during a 24 hour┬áSkype-a-thon featuring 33 Skype calls and 27 different countries. ... View image > Made by Beverly

Skype makes interviewing 12 creative directors in Latin America a ... View image > Made by Carlos

Meanwhile in Vancouver, John was shown the future of 3D printing on a Skype call from the UK. ... Made by John

A very special 73rd birthday Skype moment! Happy Birthday, Dad! ... Made by Maria

Kindergarten class gets a special Skype visit ... View image > Made by Dayne

Skype never lets Will go a day without seeing his favorite member. ... View image > Made by Will

International Skype play dates ... View image > Made by Alison

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