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Using Skype video messaging, Alia of shares how she adds Moroccan flavors to traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Find more holiday food ideas on Bing. ... Made by Alia

After having to change her Thanksgiving plans due to illness, Michele found a way to bring two Thanksgiving tables together with the help of Skype. For new holiday ideas, explore Thanksgiving on Bing. ... Made by Michelle

After a long time apart, Emily’s boyfriend was overjoyed to see her on Skype. ... Made by Emily

Lara Eurdolian tells how to make your beauty routine more travel-friendly during a video call interview with fellow Moment Maker Kristen Kellogg. ... Made by Kristen

When the winner of the Acer Adventure got to the top of the Empire State Building, Skype and Acer had one last surprise for him. ... Made by Bill

Frank Bell shared a few of his favorite lyrics, songs and travel ... Made by Kristen

Before one of her best friends left for Italy, Elizabeth realized she ... Made by Lizz

Jonathan London showed us why geeks make the most adventurous travelers during a video call interview with Kristen Kellogg. ... Made by Kristen

Skype Pet Contest finalist Linda Bundrick uses Skype video calling to ... Made by Linda

To help her decide the fate of her 500 lb. pumpkin, Amber Johnson and ... Made by Amber

Paris Permenter hosted a group video call with the Skype Pet Contest finalists (Cathy Clark and Tina Barry) and got some Halloween costume inspiration from her furry friends. ... Made by Paris

In preparation for Halloween, Georgia Benjamin used Skype video ... Made by Georgia

To celebrate Halloween, Mike Corey used Skype video messaging to share the scariest place he’s ever been. Check out this spooky destination on Bing Maps (if you dare). ... Made by Mike

Tom Mesurier discussed food favorites and culinary careers with Sei Shiroma, Mijune Pak and Alex Nazaruk. ... Made by Tom

Skype Food Ambassador Tom Mesurier asks fellow foodies what dessert they would choose for their last meal. ... Made by Tom

Zach Wigal shares his love for California and his favorite travel apps in a video call interview with Kristen Kellogg. ... Made by Kristen

With Halloween just around the corner, Tom Le Mesurier shared the scariest thing he’s ever eaten. It’s horrifying, but true – this adventurous foodie has tried Tacacá, an Amazonian soup made with cyanide, ant larvae and cactus worms. ... Made by Tom

Tom Le Mesurier shares the many unique dishes he’s encountered on his travels during an interview with Kristen Kellogg. ... Made by Kristen

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